Smyrna Elite Track Club

Initial Message Sent to Coaches Describing Initiating Bonzi Teams

A new feature of our website is "Team Connect Pages." These are set up as an individual, private team portals to communicate and store relevant information. There are many useful tools you may want to use with your team on your team page, such as team emails/announcements, team calendar for games/practices/events, upload/share photos, see the team roster & contact info, print team roster for games, print player medical waivers, group text messaging for last minute needs, document sharing, and more.
It will automatically add the meet schedule to your team page from the website master calendar. You will then have one calendar with just your team dates. Customer support is also available for coaches and parents as everyone gets up to speed. They are available M-F 8am-5pm PST @ 866-726-4131, option 1 or We encourage you to use this resource and any provided documentation.

In order to begin, you will receive an email from Team Connect that will ask you to accept the invitation. That will activate your account.

Each parent should have their own login. The invites are sent to emails provided during registration since this system is connected directly to registered accounts. There are instructions on how to add another family member in the document if needed.

Attached you will find two coach documents, "BonziTeamforCoachesYouthSports.pdf" is a higher-level explanation for of the Team Connect pages for coaches, and "Bonzi Team Pages - Coach Detail.pdf" provides more detailed instruction for coaches on the different features.
I will also send you a similar message to this one that you can copy/paste/modify to let your families know about the Team Page tool.
A couple of final points.
  • Once you set up, you and your team can re-enter your team page at any time by going to the Smyrna Elite TC home page and accessing "Member Login" in the upper right corner of the page.
  • We encourage you to use this tool with your team. However, it's up to you if you want to send out an email that way or use all of the features, etc.
  • You, your team parent/manager, and coaches will have the same admin rights. You can decide how/who you want to manage the information.
  • A page will be set up on our website to help with this. It will include a guide for families, which will also be sent out. I will also try to add frequently asked questions posted there.

So, please take the time and get this set up. It should be very helpful for your team throughout the season. We will need you to make use of the customer support number unless you really run into trouble with set up.