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What is Bonzi & Bonzi Team?
- To log in to your member account
  • Use your Club Connect account to register your player and update account information such as address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. LOG IN This can also be accessed at the top right of every page of the Smyrna Elite TC website by selecting "Member Login."

-Team Pages
  • Use Team Connect to check your meet schedule, check messages from your coach or teammates, view photo albums and more. To join your Team Connect, you will need the invite code that was e-mailed to you at the beginning of each season. LOG IN



Bonzi & Bonzi Team - FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions are captured below. Otherwise, a very helpful guide is in the upper right-hand corner of the Team Connect page. Select Help > Help Guide or click here.

Customer support is also available for coaches and parents. They are available M-F 8am-5pm PST @ 866-726-4131, option 1 or We encourage you to use this resource and any provided documentation.

Login Location

Q - Where do you log in to Team Pages?

A - Once you set up, you and your team can re-enter your team page at any time by going to the Smyrna Elite TC home page and accessing "Member Login" in the upper right corner of the page. Or you can go to and use your login information.

Didn't Get Team Connect Invite

Q - What if someone can't locate their Team Connect invites codes and it needs to be resent?

A - Coaches or Team Manager can resend it from Team Connect. The option to resend the code can be found by pulling up the team roster and selecting the member to view their profile. Either press the "Resend Invite Email", or if you are concerned that the email is not reaching its destination (email blockers, etc.), copy the complete link in the box and send manually to the intended recipient, along with the invite code.

Q - What should we do if we never received an invite or an additional parent or guardian needs to be added?

A - The player must be registered in order to officially connect to the Team Page. First, you should log back into your child's registration account to make sure you are in the registration system with your correct e-mail address. If another parent registered, please work through them to add you or check the information. Log into the member account by going to any page of our website, and in the upper right corner select "member login." (see next question for instructions on adding a spouse or guardian)

Add Someone to Your Team Page

Q - How do you add a spouse or guardian to the account so they can be connected to the team pages?

A - Person who is on registration and receives the invite to join Team Connect logs into their member account and selects "Add Family Member." This keeps the connection with the new person and the child as well. This is highly suggested for parents. You log into member account by going to any page of our website, and in the upper right corner select "member login." This is the same login used for registration and will be where you login into Team Connect moving forward.

Q - Can grandparents, step-parents, or other people who want to stay up to date on things with a specific team also get access to team pages?

A - The team Coach/Manager can go into the team page and select "roster." At the top select "add new roster member" and enter the first name, last name, and email address. Please note - this person will not be directly connected with the child, but will be able to interact individually on the team page.

Q - Why separate accounts for parents, multiple teams, and parents of multiple players?

A - Using separate accounts enables Team Connect to "tell" your team who is talking when you post information or make comments. If you are a coach with more than one team OR a parent with more than one child, you will have access to a "MultiTeam" dashboard which consolidates all activities for all your teams on a single page even if those teams are in other clubs or sports who use Team Connect.

E-mail Address Change

Q - How does someone change the email address that is connected?

A - Log into the member account by going to any page of our website, and in the upper right corner select "member login" and access member profile.

Otherwise, there is an explanation in the online Team Connect help guide. Select My settings > profile > how do I change my email address.

Download Team Schedule to Personal Calendar

Q - How can I download my child's team schedule to my mobile device or desktop personal calendar so I don't have to type them in individually?

A - Team Connect provides iCal downloads and subscriptions. There is an explanation in the online Team Connect help guide. Select Schedule > How do I add the Team Connect calendar to my personal calendar.

Team Connect Mobile App

Q - Is there a mobile app to access team pages?

A - Yes, the Team Connect app can be downloaded for free for your personal device.

Click here for Android Devices

Click here for Apple Devices

Multiple Teams Viewing/Switching

Q - How do I switch between multiple teams?

A - When you first log into your Team Connect account you will notice a MultiTeam dashboard that will allow you to see all of your teams. You can review a combined view of team communication in the Team Connect and a combined calendar showing the next seven days of events for ALL of your team activities. To navigate between teams click the name of your team on the left and choose Go to [Team Name] Dashboard button to view the selected team's entire Team Connect Page with Team Connect feature tabs. For more info on this visit and select MultipleTeams.

Assign Team Parent or Assistant Coach

Q - How can a head coach assign a Team Parent and/or Assistant Coach from the parent profiles?

A - Here's how:
  1. Click on the Roster button on the left side of your team dashboard
  2. Find the parent in the roster list that you would like to make Team Parent or Assistant Coach
  3. Click on the parent's name, then click the Edit button at the top right corner of the roster profile
  4. Check the box next to Team Parent or Assistant Coach and uncheck the box next to Parent within the Roles section
  5. Click the Save button at the top right corner of the screen

Archived Team Pages

Q - What happens to the Team Connect pages after the season is over. Can we still access them?

A - Bonzi creates a new Team Connect instance at the beginning of each new season registration cycle. Team Connect / Smyrna Elite TC Team sites become "archived," but are still accessible through the MultiTeam Dashboard in upcoming seasons in the Team Connect menu. You just continue to use your login to access it. The reason that Team Connect does this is to preserve the team information for historical reporting purposes.