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Smyrna Elite 2016 Spring Meet Schedule
Date Meet Location Association
March 6 CCYTL Meet #1 (Results) Osborne HS (Sunday 11a) CCYTL
March 12 CCYTL Meet #2 (Results) Pebblebrook HS (Saturday 7:45a) CCYTL
March 20 CCYTL Meet #3 (Results) South Cobb HS (Sunday 11a) CCYTL
March 26 CCYTL Meet #4 (Results) Marietta HS (Saturday 7:45a) CCYTL
April 3 CCYTL Meet #5 (Results) Campbell HS (Sunday 11a) CCYTL
April 9 Track Lab Meet #6 (Results) Discovery HS (7:45a) Track Lab
April 23 CCYTL Meet #7 Osborne HS (Saturday 7:45a) CCYTL
April 29-30 District 5 Championships* TBD GRPA
May 7 CCYTL All Clubs Final Meet #8 Woodstock, GA (Saturday 7:45a) CCYTL
May 13-14 GRPA State Championships** Augusta, Georgia GRPA

All Meet locations and dates are subject to change. We will inform you of any changes as soon as we are made aware of them.

*GRPA District 5 qualifiers only.
**GRPA State qualifiers only.


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